I’ve always wondered what it meant to “abide in [Jesus]” like he asks his disciples to do in John 15:5…

“I am the Vine, and you are the branches.  If a man abides in me and I in him, he will bear much fruit.”

I had a friend in college who was one of the most optimistic, enthusiastic, positive friends I’ve ever had. There was something about being around him that was energizing to me.  I’d walk away from hanging out with that friend as a better person, every single time.  The influence that that person had on me was so profound that even to this day, whenever I get down on myself or whenever my thoughts become sour about myself, life, or anything else, I remember my friend from college.  Sometimes I’ll even call him up to chat, and still to this day, whenever I connect with him I am lifted.

Its almost like keeping contact with that good person helps get rid of the evil stuff in my life…

Its like that with a Christian’s relationship with Jesus.  The secret of Jesus’ life was his contact with God… time and time again he would withdraw into solitary places to meet with him.  The secret of my life is my contact to Jesus…as long as I continue to meet with him in prayer, I put myself into a position to be changed by him.  “Abiding with Jesus” means re-arranging my life, my prayers, my schedule, and my solitude in order that I never have a chance to forget about him.

Staying connected to the true Vine makes people into fruitful branches, which in turn bring glory to God.  Because as you “remain in Jesus,” he changes you into the type of person where the very thought or mention of your name turns people’s thoughts to God.


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