A recent prayer.

Me: God?
God: Luke, my son.
Me: What are you up to in my life?
God: Shaping you.
Me: Into what specifically?
God: I want you to be a leader of men.  I want you to set an example for everyone else with an attitude of service.  I want you to become great by becoming small…
Me: Why me?
God: Because I created you that way… to influence.  I had so much fun creating you.  You were special.  I wove your gifts together with specific moments in mind.
Me: How come its so hard to let go of certain things?
God: Luke, the human heart is my favorite creation… it’s the deepest part of who you are. when you let things into that deep place, it affects everything about you.  It’s the vessel I gave to each person … the vessel in which I dwell.
Me: God, I’m tired of fighting battles and feeling like I’m failing.  I’m tired of getting in my own way.  I know its my fault but I can’t seem to overcome myself.  I know I’ve got some heart issues I need to overcome, but I just feel like I can’t.
God: I can.
Me: How? How do I tap into Your power?
God: You are.
Me: Why does it seem like everything is harder for me than it is for other people?
God: Because I’ve been disciplining you.  Cutting things out of your life and your heart that don’t belong there.  That’s because I love you.
Me: God I wish I could hear from you.
God: That’s up to you.  Are you listening?  I’ve been trying to get your attention for awhile now.
Me: I haven’t been listening… I’m sorry.  I’ve been distracted.  I’ve allowed other things to drown out your voice.  I’m so lonely right now.  Will you at least give me someone who understands?
God: I understand.
Me: What about someone who believes in me?
God: I believe in you.
Me: But don’t you think I need someone around me?  Someone who can help me through this?
God: Luke, son, there are people praying for you right now, look closely … you are loved…
Me: God, I wish you were right here, with me.
God: I’m right here.


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