Created to Create.

I’ve always felt a desire to be creating things.  Whether its writing, teaching, generating new ideas or trying new things, for some reason I’ve always had this desire to leave behind something that wasn’t there before. I also think there’s a part in all of us that has this desire: to create.  I’m definitely at my best when I am using the talents and gifts God is giving me to create.  In my life, the closer I’ve been with God the more often I’m creating things: new relationships, blogs, thoughts, chapters, journals, risks.  Its when my relationship with God is strained that I feel like I’m not creating anything or having any new ideas… I feel stagnant… I feel like I’m regurgitating things just to impress people.

There’s something about being close to God that causes me to become more like him… God is a creative God… thats what He does: he creates.  He takes words and speaks galaxies into existence.  He knits and weaves together babies in their mothers’ wombs, with all the personality and potential and creativity that they will exhibit throughout life.

For me, part of my spiritual journey in following Christ is a desire to “create” goodness wherever I go.  There are some pretty crappy situations that people are in and some pretty broken people that I come in contact with.  One time I heard a teacher talk about how one of the things that made Jesus so revolutionary was that the Jewish culture to which he spoke taught that if you come in contact with someone who is “unclean” you should stay away from them because their “uncleanness” will pass to you.  Jesus taught that as a person changed by the power of God, your “cleanness” can pass to those who are “unclean,” and that is precisely why you should embrace proximity with people who are different from you and with the marginalized from society.  I want to be that kind of man… who seeks to help, serve and love, and “create” goodness everywhere I go.

Because if I’m honest there is this feeling that something is missing in my journey of following Christ if I am not creating good in anyone’s life.  I believe that I was created to create… to leave a better world behind when I’m gone.


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