There’s this girl I know who is a lover of all things life.  She is vigilant and watchful for everything good in the world … she sees goodness and beauty everywhere she goes, recognizes it, appreciates it, and laughs about it.  She sees the silliness in my serious introspection, the clear line of thought in the regurgitated musings from the canyons of my mind, and the happiness to be found in small and insignificant things that no one else sees.  For her, there are burning bushes everywhere… every corner of life a signpost to things unseen and eternal, and gratitude to be had for every good and perfect gift that comes from above.

And it definitely rubs off on me.  When I’m around her I feel like Jonas in The Giver who begins to see colors he’s never seen before in a world where everyone sees in black and white.  He begins to remember what its like to see life… to have fun… to play… to “exult in monotony.”

People who love life are like that.  They change your lens and help you to see in living color.  They remind me that there’s a lot of beauty, goodness, and excitement right under our noses, and that imagination can make adventures out of even the most mundane of tasks.  They alert me to the reality that there is much joy to be found in all moments and all things … a deep underlying satisfaction untouchable from life’s disappointments and vexations.  For some reason, there’s something about this girl.

Its like Flynn Ryder in “Tangled” who after he tells Rapunzel his real name is Eugene Fitzherbert, and that he made up Flynn Ryder from childhood pirate stories he used to read because he thought his true name and identity was a worthless and boring orphan… after all, “what does a man have except his false reputation”?  Rapunzel tells him that she likes Eugene Fitzherbert better … she sees the goodness in what is really and truly him, and it changes the way he sees himself.  That’s what this girl is like to me.  I don’t have to be Flynn Ryder around her… and even though Flynn Ryder impresses everyone else, she likes Luke Wright, cynicism and bluntness, rebel-spirited, restless, over-analytical, imperfections and all, better.

I want to be that kind of man… a lover of all things life, passionate about goodness, truth, and beauty, with the ability to always see the world through the lens of gratitude.  I want to laugh a lot, play, work with energetic joy, take the world in … highlight good in others and myself, leaving a better world in my wake one conversation at a time like she does.  I feel that all there is to do in this moment of contemplation and admiration is to sigh a sigh of gratitude and realize that if I don’t meet God in the next interaction with someone then I don’t really need to look any further, and to thank the Giver of all good things for unexpected Rapunzels who help me see the good in myself and in all of God’s good creation.


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