>Humor me for a minute…

I typically gravitate towards people who are risk-takers.

I want to be a risk-taker…trying new things, taking new risks, talking to new people in public places, putting myself constantly on the edge of life.  Another way of describing it is that I have an addiction of sorts… I’m addicted to semi-controlled danger.  The world is filled with too many critics and not enough contributors… and far to often I’m more of a critic.  I want to be a contributer.  I want to be a part of a community of people who are starting new things, coming up with new ideas, constantly changing, moving, growing, expanding, shrinking, deciding, advancing.  I also want to be that kind of a person.

I want mediocrity to be my only fear.  I want to have a greater distaste for missed opportunities than I do for failure.

Risk-takers usually have the best stories to tell.

If there was one risk that you could take this week in order to become a better person, what would it be? A phone call that you need to make?  A conversation you’ve been wanting to have?  A decision you’ve been putting off?  A girl you’ve been wanting to pursue?

Do it.  Roll the dice.  And tell me your story.


4 thoughts on “>Dice-Rolling.

  1. >Hey Luke! Found your blog through your response to my comment on Modern Reject and I'm loving what you have to say here.This post is a doozy. I'm sitting here thinking, "I don't know what risk I would take." And yet there are a million risks I could take, or should take. Maybe there's a risk in even acknowledging that those risks exist (have I lost you yet?…) 🙂 I think in voicing them there's comes a certain weight and responsibility to take them… which I'd guess is part of the challenge in being willing to say it out loud (or in this case, in a blog comment.)I don't quite know what to write, or what risks I ought to take, but you've challenged me to seek the LORD, to ask Him to show me the areas in which fear has held me back, and to make me a woman who goes boldly wherever He calls me to go instead of letting fear take the upper hand. That's what trusting Him is all about, after all, right? :)Praying for you to be a risk-taker for His glory!

  2. >Brittany! Thanks for the comment… yes, for me, risk, trust, and faith, and all closely related terms. I feel closest to God when I'm risking for God. I'll have to check out your blog too! Glad that you are inspired as I am to act…

  3. >Such a really good and thought provoking post here…I really appreciated what you said about mediocrity being your only fear. God calls to a life that matters and fear is what robs us of that. I have failed a lot and ultimately discovered that I didn't have a fear of failure…but of success. I then discovered that risk and faith went hand in hand and finally so much changed in my life. I now live a very risky faith and am getting used to God pushing me out of my comfort zone…it's indeed where some amazing stories are being written.

  4. >Mike… legit! So glad that you've discovered a lifestyle of risk. Nothing thrusts us towards God more. Your comment reminded me of the Brennan Manning quote: "to live without risk is to risk not living."And I'd like to hear some of those stories that are happening in your life sometime. Keep risking/trusting/trying.

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