>I’m pretty sure I’ve written like three posts about this: C. S. Lewis wrote one time that we all walk a knife-edge between heaven and hell.  At any moment we are one angry thought, one uncontrollable act of indulgence, one spiteful word uttered away from destruction.  How awful and awesome a thought it is that every choice we make leads us down a path to one of two specific ends: one of unimaginable glory, and one of inescapable depravity.

Heaven and Hell in a lot of ways are a state of mind.  There are people I know that can walk into any room, enter into any conversation or interaction and bring heaven with them.  There are people who make life a living hell for everyone around them too.  And most of us have moments of both, occilating between the two like a fan.

How precarious this road!  Lord, have mercy down this road that I must travel…


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