Blogs don’t write themselves.  Pushups don’t do themselves.  Weights don’t lift themselves.  Phone calls don’t make themselves.  Paintings don’t paint themselves.  Miles don’t run themselves.

Resistance is one of the most deadly killers.  It paralyzes people in fear.  It is a relentless ruiner of dreams.  Don’t listen to it, humor it, or play into it.  It will dominate you.  So many of my friends have awesome ideas or dreams but all of them have a common enemy: resistance.  There are unseen forces that are impersonally conspiring to trap people into conformity and sameness.  There is always an excuse to put off your dream.  There’s always a reason to stall action.  It is time, my friends, to do your work, because no one else is going to do it for you.  Sure you could put your life on cruise-control, and if you’re beautiful or talented enough you’ll probably get by with a nice job, a salary, a retirement, and pats on the back.  But the pain of unrealized dreams will sooner or later get the best of you.  Don’t let it.

For Christ’s sake … DO SOMETHING.


3 thoughts on “DO SOMETHING.

  1. I've read Poke the Box for sure… Love Seth Godin! I actually read a book by Steven Pressfield called the War of Art … its basically all about overcoming resistance. Thats the inspiration for this post. It was fantastic.

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