Miss. (part 2)

I’ll be the second to admit, yesterday’s blog post wasn’t very inspiring or positive to put it lightly.  I had a friend let me know that it sounded kind of…condemning, which wasn’t my intention at all.  I think the word ‘sin’  has been culturally used in so many condemning settings and ways, that it is hard to use it without it being heard as an attack.

And to be fair, I was attacking.  But I wasn’t attacking any person … I was attacking this thing in us.  I’m tired of it.  I’m tired of sin, of addiction, of depression.  I’m tired of abuse, divorce, and neglect.  I’m tired of injustice, apathy, and atrophy.  I’m tired of hopelessness and despair.  I’m tired of selfishness, greed, lust, and bitterness.

Basically I’m tired of the world being sick.  One time two years ago I contracted a virus in my liver.  I could not go to work, and I had a perpetual fever of 102.  I was pretty much tied down to my couch for a good solid month.  One morning I woke up and I remember being so angry that I was still sick.  I was tired of being sick.

That’s why I wrote yesterday about sin…because I am tired of satan, the bully of this world, pushing people around and using sin to dominate people’s lives.  I’m tired of people becoming slaves to their own choices.

That’s why I do what I do.  Because I believe that God has delivered a mortal blow to the power of sin in our world through the person of Jesus of Nazareth, that sin was dealt with violently at the cross, and that the benefits of this are directly accessible through faith.  I wrote about sin because so many people do not know that it no longer has power over them, and they don’t have to continue living the way they are living.  I wrote about sin because even though its a theological word with a ton of baggage, its a spiritual reality that no practical advice, discipline, or psychology can explain, diagnose, or cure.


5 thoughts on “Miss. (part 2)

  1. Good Blog post. Both part 1 and 2 of "Miss". Not sure what your friend was thinking about it being condemning. I did not sense that at all. It was straight up and real. Sin has led our world to the point where we don't even like to talk about what is real and controversial. How is that working for us? Too many people are afraid of talking about sin. When Christ returns, I believe too many people will wish you would have challenged them more about the hard parts. Aim to honor Christ, be careful reacting to people's complaints. That would be a never ending job. If you don't have any complaints then stop blogging. Complaints will remind you that you are stirring people. If you are not stirring people then you are average. Average isn't bad, its just invisible. Trent

  2. Trent… that's good advice: aim to honor Christ. For me part of honoring Christ means saying things in such a way that both love and truth are communicated. "Average isn't bad, its just invisible" … love that! When are you going to send me an advance copy of your book? Thanks for the comment!

  3. I enjoyed both parts of your blog, "Miss". If we cannot be honest in writing and or talking about sin, those who go unaware in their's will never know how to identify or change things in their lives to become more pleasing to God.Sin is a death sentence as long as we keep it "secret" but once confessed we gain forgiveness and freedom from that which binds us.

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