The Twitter Gospel.

Okay, so to be fair today’s post isn’t original.  It’s definitely been said elsewhere.  I read a post from this blog (which is a fantastic blog by the way) and I haven’t been able to stop thinking about this idea.

Social media is the language of the next generation.

We live in a Twitter world.  I have a friend with whom I send things that I write for him to read it over and give me his feedback.  He is always telling me to shorten things.  People don’t want to read long paragraphs.  They want short, quick summaries.  They want sound bites.  In other words, if you can’t say it in 250 characters or less, then its not worth saying… that’s what he said to me exactly.

This is hard for me because I like to build long complex arguements.  I like to have well-developed ideas.  I like to build a case for something.  I like to use words like a painter uses his palette.  But if I truly want to communicate anything, according to my friend, I need to condense.  I need to say more by saying less.

This has profound implications for teachers, communicators, educators, and those who seek to pass on knowledge to the next generation.  The challenge is that if we want to capture the attention of a generation of students that is glued to Call of Duty, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, World of Warcraft, we may have to shorten the message!

It poses a curious question for myself and other Christians with the ‘message’ that we are trying to pass: if you had to ‘tweet’ the Gospel, the core message of Christianity, in 140 characters or less, how would you do it?  That’s right… if you only had one ‘tweet’ to pass on the Gospel message of God’s saving grace in Jesus Christ on to the next generation, what would you say?  I believe that the message of Jesus can transform people whether 140 characters or 140 pages.  Its that powerful.

I’m still working on mine.  Here’s what I’ve got so far:

“God sacrificed his perfect son for our imperfections, and raised him from the dead so that we can be made perfect and complete in Him.”

What about you?  If you could summarize the core message of your life in 140 characters or less, what would it be?  And If you’re a Christian: how would you communicate the gospel of Jesus in 140 characters or less?


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