The Things That Might Have Been

The older I get the more I realize that “motivation” is really an illusion.  The conversation usually goes something like this: you’ll hear someone say “I really want to do (blank), but I’m just not motivated,” or “if I really wanted to, I could (blank).”  You fill in the blanks.

Run a marathon.  Write a book.  Start a business.  Record an album.  Apply for your dream job.

“Unmotivated” is simply a more culturally sanitary word for “lazy.”  Motivation comes when you choose to take a first step.  Its why I’ve been blogging every day.  Because some day I’d like to write a book, and every great writer I know will say that the only way to get better is to WRITE!  A LOT!

If you wait around until your “motived,” life will pass you by.  So what is keeping you from the undone things in your life?  The unactualized dreams?  The unwritten pages?  The unspoken words?  The unsung songs?  The unplayed music?

There’s a book I read a long time ago called the Traveler’s Gift by Andy Andrews, in which a business man has a dream where is taken to a room after he dies.  The room is filled with all sorts of things, computers, gadgets, instruments, bottles filled with medication, etc.  His guide then gives him the chilling secret of this room: it is filled with the things that might have been, if the people who had lived those lives had actually acted upon their ideas.  In the middle of the room on a pedestal is a folder.  The man asks his guide, an angel of sorts, what this folder is, to which the angel replies “that is the cure for cancer.”

Eternity will only tell the things that we all were capable of but never decided to act upon.

Stop waiting around for ‘motivation’ to magically appear.  Show up, daily.  Choose to work.  Get stuff done.  I believe that I, you, and we, are far more capable of what we think we are…


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