You’ve Got to Bring It.

There’s a lot of different ways of saying this idea: showing up, going all out, going for broke, being all there.  My favorite way of saying it is: BRINGING IT.

Have you ever heard a great public speaker who ‘brought it’ ?  Or have you ever had a teacher or a professor who “brought it” every day?  It seemed like they were fully prepared, fully passionate, and fully present.  Their material was intelligent, humorous, and clear.

These people are truly unique breeds: The moment they enter a room there is a gravity there with them and they have the kind of reputation where there is a sense of expectation in the air…that important conversations are going to happen, that decisions are going to be made, that people are going to be challenged, and that being in that person’s presence is going to inspire everyone to be a better person.

That’s what ‘bringing it’ is all about… being fully present, energetic, and alive in the midst of other people.  Devoting yourself wholly to connecting with them, even if it is just one on one.  Bring your passion, your best, your attention to every opportunity you have to connect with others, whether its as a public speaker or one-on-one over coffee.  Manage your energy level…if you don’t have the energy to bring it, do what you need to do to recharge before connecting with others.

Every conversation you have is an opportunity to serve and love people and in doing so to have a lasting impact on their lives.  People deserve your best.

Bring it!


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