What story are you writing?

We all crave a good story, just like we crave a good life.  After all, what is a life but a story: a narrative that includes a plot, characters, some sort of crisis, and some sort of potential resolution.

Think about the components of a great story.  It has to have a plot.  It has a protagonist.  It has a villain.  It has a huge crisis or problem that needs to be overcome.  It involves some sort of journey of identity on the part of the protagonist … forcing her to go through something she otherwise would have not, and through those extraordinary circumstance to emerge a different person.  The characters have to face their fears with extraordinary amounts of courage.  Most of the time something is at stake… maybe even death … that’s what makes the story so interesting.  Most of the time there is some sort of romance, the hero that discovers a love that makes the battles worth fighting and the adventures worth undergoing.

A question that has haunted me ever since I read this absolutely fantastic book two years ago is this one: “am I living a good story?”  
Are you?  Here’s some questions I’ve been asking myself lately to help me live a better story:

  • Are you fighting a battle that’s worth fighting? 
  • Are you pursuing a love that makes it worth it? 
  • Are you confronting your fears or are you submitting to them? 
  • Are you striving towards purpose or are you coasting towards complacency? 
  • Are you risking anything at all? 
  • Does the life that you’re living parody the dreams that you’re dreaming? 
  • Are you creating anything or are you consuming everything? 
  • Most of all: are you living for a larger Story than your story?  

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