Scratching your own itch.

I’m reading through this book, and its pretty much another inspirational business book for entrepreneurs.  There’s one thought that lept out at me this morning: the art of scratching your own itch.  Most of us are passionate about something.  Most of us are aware of the need for something in our workplace.  Most of us have seen a problem or a need or an opportunity that has arisen within our sphere of influence.

‘Scratching your own itch’ involves creating a product or service that you yourself would use or want.  It means asking the question: “would I be proud of the product I am producing?”  It means creating something in your business or in your field that meets a need that you yourself have.

For example I am a youth pastor.  I work with students and provide a weekly program for students.  The question I have to continually ask myself is “if I was a parent of one of the students in our church, would I want my kids to be under Luke’s care as the youth pastor?  Would I be proud of the programs, communication, excellence, and relationships that my student was a part of?”  That’s what scratching your own itch is all about: offering people the kind of service that you yourself want / need.

On a basic level its treating people the way you want to be treated, and loving/serving people the way you want them to love/serve you…

But on a practical level it is channeling your passion and ideas towards offering people something that you yourself are proud of.


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