I opened my eyes this morning, alive once again, and the sun rose.  Did you miss the miracle?

I’ve been waking up crazy early … its got to be the fact that the sun comes up earlier in the Arizona summers, but at 5 am I was awakened by the sound outside the open sliding door in my room of birds singing.  I lay there for a minute as the cool dawn air drifted through the screen door and listened to their song.  Almost literally, the first thought that entered my head was “why do birds sing?”

I grabbed my phone which was plugged in under my pillow and googled it.  Birds sing mainly to attract mates.  I found out that scientists have discovered that male birds who sing more consistenly and more loudly attract mates quicker.  I also found out that every bird is born without a song, and learn how to sing over time.  They are singing love songs in the morning that they have learned instinctively in order to attract female birds.

And the sun ended up rising after that.  How many times have I missed the birds singing and the sun rising in the morning?  I got to thinking this morning about how sometimes we lose wonder over these things because we get so used to them.  I thought that a part of living a full life has something to do with recapturing wonder and witnessing the little miracles and marvels around us every morning.  Then the words of a worship song came into my mind : “the whole earth is filled with his glory,” along with this verse:

“the earth will be filled with the knowledge of the glory of the Lord as the waters cover the sea.”  Habakkuk 2:14

It is a wondrous thought to think that God never gets tired of watching the sunrise that he created, or listening to the individual songs of the birds.  It may be that God has an eternal appetite for newness and wonder, delighting in the creation of little things that no one but He ever notices.  It may be that God, as G. K. Chesteron once famously said, “is big enough to exult in monotony…for we have sinned and grown old and our heavenly Father is younger than we.”   It is equally wondrous to consider God’s delight in God, and be caught up by the fact that this isn’t selfish narcissism or vanity, but love in its purist form, because if God is the greatest good than the most loving thing that God can want for his own people and creation is God.

Glory.  Its a fascinating word.  It literally means ‘gravity’ or ‘weightiness.’  When the glory of God is present, everything is more real, more substantial, more weighty, more … thick.  There is something real, thick, weighty, full, and deep about witnessing things in this life that are ageless … “childlike frolic on the face of an old man, or the look of heavy thought on the face of an infant” … these things are shafts of glory which shine for a moment in the midst of a creation that because of sin is slowly thinning and loosing its ability to exist.

One day this whole world will be filled with a knowledge of God’s glory.  We’ll see his glory in the bird’s song, in the rising of the sun, in the morning mist, in the people we come in contact with, in the lives we live, and in all the little wonders that we missed before.  And then the pinnacle of God’s glory will be revealed in all his fullness: Jesus Christ.

“he is the radiance of God’s glory, the exact representation of his being, sustaining all things by his powerful word.”  Heb. 1:3

We will realize it is he who sustains the song of the birds by the word of his mouth.  It is he who commands the son to rise every morning and delights in it with great joy.  It is he through whom all things were created and under whom the whole world has been subjugated.  And one day he will return to renew the earth and to flood all of creation with his glory…

Don’t miss the miracle.  Keep your eyes open…


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