Enjoy life today!

As I’ve talked about before, life tends to be hard on the heart. 

Some of us know it better than others, but life tends to have a way of leaving some dings on us.  It tends to have a way of wounding us, and not in a physical sense but in a heart-sense … in deep places … foundational places out of which the rest of our actions, decisions, and behaviors flow.  Sometimes its not just life, externally that leaves these scars on our hearts, but its our interpretation of life.  Sometimes our own assessment of situations and circumstances is what wounds us, not what actually happened.

Either way how do you deal with those wounds?  Do you allow them to get the best of you?  Do you allow them to cloud your perspective of the future and paralyze you?  Do you allow them to cause you to build walls up between you and other people and avoid being honest, vulnerable, and intimate with anyone? 

The way I see it there is a lot in life to celebrate … even in spite of our scars and our own crippling interpretations of things outside our control.  God doesn’t want us to walk through life defeated, paralyzed and cynical.  I believe God wants us to enjoy life.  I believe he wants us to experience fullness of life.  And part of doing that is not letting our past get the best of us, but rejoicing in the gift of today, knowing that you have a God who loves you and can make beautiful things out of broken things, and would love for you to be a part of the story he is writing. 

Your life is a work of art, no matter how incomplete or messed up it may seem right now… God wants to make something amazing out of your life, if you will let him mold and shape you today. 

The best days are yet to come!


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