Life’s short. Also, John Mayer.

“So line on up and take your place
and show your face to the morning
cause one of these days you’ll be born and raised
and it all comes without warning.” 

~John Mayer “Born and Raised”

I’ve loved John Mayer music since before high school, and I hate to say it with hipster snobbery, but I’d like to think I liked him before Room for Squares, and before “Real World” came out.  Back in the day when he opened for Ben Folds and a Piano at City Market in Kansas City under a starlit sky.  Yep, I was there. 

What still strikes me in some of his lyrics is that he is constantly singing about his own unlived life.  His life is like ‘Slow Dancing in a Burning Room,’ enjoying himself and each failed relationship while at the same time knowing the house is coming down, ‘Dreaming with a Broken Heart’ and waking up is the hardest part, or ‘I’ll never find another you.’  It gets me wondering whether the guy has just smoked too much weed, or if he is legitimately and deeply depressed. 

It gets me thinking: are we all doomed to one day be haunted by the ghosts of our own unlived lives?  What does a person’s life consist of? 

Life tends to happen without warning.  At the beginning of this week I was in seventh grade in Manhattan Kansas slow dancing with my first girl.  The day after that I was a teenager dreaming about being a doctor and a preacher.  Yesterday I was graduating college, full of excitement and life.  Today I’m wondering what happened to some of my dreams… were they misguided?  Idealistic?  Tomorrow I’ll be walking down the aisle with a beautiful woman, about to be my wife.  The day after that I’ll be walking my little girl, my daughter down the aisle to marry another young man who I know won’t be good enough for her.  At the end of this week I will be an old man with wrinkles of laughter around my eyes balancing grandkids on my knee and telling stories and finishing well, full of faith and life and laughter and a sense of purpose that comes from God.


Life comes without warning.  Am I prepared to live it?  Are you?


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