The End of Should.

How many of us are prisoners of this invisible sense of should-ness?

I’m not talking about “ought-ness” … that has to do with wisdom and morality.
I’m talking about “should-ness” … it has to do with methods.  Its this pervasive and invisible pressure to do things a certain way, and to live up to society’s expectations of ‘how.’ 

I should go directly to college after high school.
I should live at home with my parents so that I can save money.
I should get my graduate degree as soon as possible. 
I should get married.
I should go to Starbucks because I’ve never tried that other place. 
Movies should be two hours long.
Schools should meet Monday through Friday for 8 months out of the year.
Banks should close at four.
Churches should have a worship service every week that includes music and teaching.
Church leaders should be married men.

Could it be that your “should” is holding you hostage from the great things you could do?

*Inspired by Seth.


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