Discovery vs. Recovery.

The journey we take towards the things that we desire is one of the most important pursuits in our lives. The person who quits on her desires, who has traded them for things like security, a paycheck, comfort, has lost the thing most important to her life. I could maybe be said that we find the truest things about ourselves in our desires.

When I was a kid, I wanted to be four things: Indiana Jones, a doctor, a hero, and a writer. I’ve realized now that behind those desires are several things deeply true about myself: I want rebellious adventure, I want to help others, I want to rescue a girl, and I want to tell a great story.

It seems to me that life isn’t as much a journey of discovery … you know, like “finding out what we’re supposed to do with our lives” as if there is one thing that we’re destined to do … as much as it is a journey of recovery.

The language of “recovery” presupposes that something has been lost, and in the case of many, what has been lost is our desires. Things we used to dream about as kids. Worlds we used to dream up when our imaginations were freer and purer. This great journey of recovery is a quest to rediscover our compasses, and in doing so, to at last remember which way is truly north.

Its the difference between asking “what should I do with my life?” and “what have I done with my life already that I loved doing?”

All that being said, I’d better go find a whip and a hat.


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