Wreck-It Ralph & What it means to be good.

“I am bad, and that is good.  I will never be good, and that’s not bad.”  –The Bad-Guy Covenant, “Wreck-it Ralph.”

I love the story of Wreck-It-Ralph not only because of its zany characters and fantastically well-written plot, but because its all about a bad guy that doesn’t want to be bad anymore, so he sets out on a journey to discover what it truly means to be good.

That’s a question we often take for granted.  What does it mean to go from being a bad person a good person?  How can we break free from the expectations that society puts on us?  How can we escape the chains of the our past?  How can we ever avoid the roles that everyone around us has assigned to us?

The vision of Jesus for all people and the message that early Christianity so tenaciously held out is that there is hope for transformation … that we don’t have to be the people we’ve always been anymore, but because of the resurrection of Jesus there is a way possible to become good again.

And for those who are cripplingly aware of their own inadequacy or lack of capacity for good there is available in Jesus a perfect grace that cracks open the door of hope for newness and transformation.  The Legacy of that Grace is a grand story of bad people trusting in the love of God and suddenly believing that they don’t have to become bad anymore, and slowly but surely allowing the seeds of grace to grow into the wonderful fruit of good deeds, selflessness, and love.

So even if you look at your life and it seems like you break everything you touch and your entire life is a wreck, would you consider giving grace a try?  In the end you might discover that its not the Fix-It-Felixes that experience God first, its the Wreck-It-Ralphs, broken souls with an acute sense of their own need for grace that discover it abundantly in Christ.


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