Faith Alone, but Not Your Own.

I’ve never been able to get over the moment in the story told about the men who carry a paralyzed man to Jesus, even digging through the roof of the house to get him healed.  All the stories read that when Jesus saw their faith, he both forgave the paralyzed man’s sins and healed him physically.

I’ve grown up in faith tradition that is much about the individual and how people are saved by “faith alone.”  So much in my life, though, when healing has come, it hasn’t been through the strength of my own personal faith as through the faith of others who have often dragged me, sometimes paralyzed like the man, sometimes kicking and screaming, to Jesus.

Is it really faith alone that saves us?  Who’s faith?  I wonder if we’ll all be amazed in gratitude someday to find out that it wasn’t our own faith that saved us, but the faithful presence of others willing to carry us when we were crippled into the arms of grace.